The Vitamix, the best blender ever. Reviewed as part of our series, “The Best Appliances for the Best Vegetarian Kitchen.”

Vitamix, the best blender for the best vegetarian kitchen.

This is part of a series of posts and reviews highlighting some key appliances that will ground the very best Vegetarian kitchens. They are not always the most expensive, and no tools discussed here are frivolous, but we are also not seeking a budget item for budgets sake. We want you to know what we have found to be the very best appliances that absolutely always do the job, last a long time, and make a vegetarian kitchen fantastic. There are of course less expensive options, which we will address in the future. And, there are always more expensive items. But these would be the appliances we would choose if price was no option (and they ARE the items we have in our vegetarian kitchen).

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We will start with… The Vitamix.

The Vitamix is the best blender there is. Our Vitamix is 10 years old and still roars into action. Anyone who has used a Vitamix knows we mean “roar.” A Vitamix is loud. But all blenders are fairly loud, and it’s not like people have intimate quiet conversations while using any blender. AND, very few blenders even come close to the blending power of the Vitamix. The Vitamix brings you to a different world.

The Vitamix blends absolutely anything, from ice cubes to tough whole fruits and vegetables, to nuts and much more, releasing nutrition and flavor into a completely smooth delicious shake.

Some blenders have more bells and whistles. The Vitamix, though, still does everything. It has a switch that can be used to pulse, a dial for varied blending speeds, and a tamper to assure every part of even thick mixtures gets fully blended. On top of it all, it has a super fast mode that can literally blend anything smooth: fruits and their seeds, rough greens that would otherwise clump or chunk a shake, and piles of ice cubes that would stall or ruin a regular blender. It’s all blended smooth in seconds. The Vitamix doesn’t just physically blend material. It’s power allows the complete release and blending of flavors, too, letting the sweetness of a fruit cover or blend through the taste of greens or other ingredients, so that kids and finicky adults happily drink their cups down , thinking they are getting a desert shake, not a health drink.

Durability is a factor in any choice of blender, and we still have our Vitamix and have been using it alllll the time, for over 10 years and going. We have used newer Vatamix machines as well, but have never had to buy a new one. The only changes in newer models include minor cosmetic alterations, at least one model that is starting to incorporate a digital display (nice but not needed), and a new option of stainless steel container. What remains year in and year out is having what seems like a counter-top car engine, sharp strong blades, and having shakes better than any smoothy-shop or cafe or healthfod store can give you.

Are there other things the Vitamix can do? Oh yea. You can make peanut butter or almond butter, and, did we mention it makes and cooks soup… in the blender? I know, it sounds like a joke commercial where a host starts to shout outlandish claims about a product (“it washes, dries, it even flies!”). But, I’m not kidding or exaggerating about the Vitamix. With the vitamix, you can take all your favorite ingredients for a soup (all of them), throw them in, set it on high, and in a few minutes, you’ll see steam rising out. Soup is done! Blended to perfection, flavors saturating the entire broth, and hot! It’s a head trip.

The Vitamix gets rave reviews all the time. They are deserved. But these comments are not just echoing others. They are our experience with the device that we have and have depended on and had our lives improved by for years. And, I promise you this… I am writing this reaction in one sitting with hardly any editing, just reacting to the Vitamix from our own experience. As for “cons,” like I said, it’s loud… but are you going to use any blender while whispering a sonnet? No. Any blender makes a good amount of noise, the Vitamix isn’t that different. You blend, finish, and then you can recite your sonnet. And, the Vitamix is quicker than most blenders by a lot! So it is not making noise for nearly as long. Considering that any blender makes enough noise to be noticed, the noise isn’t even really a “con.” Some had wished there was an alternative to the plastic container (I was in that group!). However, the traditional container is BPA free, really durable, and has lasted us over a decade. And, what’s more, Vitamix now offers non-plastic options for containers, including a stainless steel option (see below). It is true that the Vitamix is not cheap. That said, there are more expensive blenders, and certainly some less expensive, but none better. And, notice, none of the issues are performance related? The Vitamix is not even like any other blender I have ever used. I used to have a “quality” blender, and it would bog down from too many ingredients or from thick or tough ingredients. It is impossible to explain how much we don’t even think about that now… anything goes in. Whole heads and stalks of broccoli, ice cubes, some spinach, a whole pear, some raspberries, frozen chunks of mango… plop them in without thinking, kick on the Vitamix for a few seconds, and….. wham, sweetest healthiest shake, no bits of stalk or leaf or chunks of ice or un-blended mango, and even the tiny seeds get blended…. pure tasty smooth goodness. Other blenders would either stall and smoke, or leave a gravel of partly blended not-so-tasty bits. Vitamix makes all that into desert. Anything blends. Any. Thing. That is not just fun… it’s blending power opens up amazing nutritional options for your family, offers a vast expansion of the variety of things you can prepare and serve, and on and on.

There are some high performance blenders that seek to compete with the Vitamix. Some get good reviews. I would say the Ninja brand and Kitchen-Aid brand blenders are the closest. We have used or tested each, and each company makes perfectly good blenders (as discussed in a separate article, Kitchen-Aid actually makes the best “mixer” for the best vegetarian kitchen!). There are also specialized blenders and very expensive “designer” blenders more focused on appearance or aesthetics than just performance. Price, specific purpose, appearance, and durability are factors that would be considered in making any choice. Still, in our opinion and experience, no blender, regardless of price, outperforms the Vitamix. It is the quintessential blender for the best vegetarian kitchen.

(Above we mentioned non-plastic container options. On that topic, Vitamix wrote the following):

“Simply Steel”

“Introducing a stainless-steel alternative to our classic, BPA-free blending containers. It pairs Vitamix-quality blends with the benefits of stainless-steel cookware: It’s durable, odor-resistant, non-reactive, and easy to clean. Compatible with all full-size blenders, this container is perfect for healthy blends like non-dairy milks, tough raw veggies, nuts, and seeds.”

As you can see, as with the traditional container, the included blades in the stainless-steel option still all but dissolve “tough raw veggies, nuts, and seeds.” The Vitamix was already the top of the top, and options like this only increase its desirability and usefulness to more and more households.

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