Review of Franklin Sports vegan friendly Baseball and Softball Glove – “Field Master.”

Franklin’s vegan friendly baseball glove truly saves the day. Here’s a review, including some discussion of other game saving and life saving vegetarian sporting products as well.

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Are there really vegan / vegetarian friendly baseball gloves? Yep. And, there are a number of decent ones.

Franklin is one company with a number of affordable vegetarian gloves. To drive the point home, Franklin’s “Field Master” line has righty and lefty gloves for youth and adults! Truly, there are no limits to leading a full vegetarian life! Please note, not all Franklin gloves are non-leather. But the one listed here, and all gloves we list or cover on this site, are.

Are there more expensive gloves out there? Yes. There are even options to get a non-leather glove custom made. Carpenter gloves was a beloved line of custom made all non-leather gloves centered in Cooperstown NY (home of the Baseball Hall of Hame). The gloves were expensive, but amazing, and some pros used the gloves as starters in major league games. As sign of success was Carpenter gloves being bought by a major glove maker (Marucci Sports). Unfortunately, right now, that company has not re-launched the all non-leather gloves Carpenter started, but hopefully they will soon. Franklin, though, is one example of a truly decent truly affordable glove that is already mass-marketed to youth and adults.

By the way, this version of non-leather glove is available in 10 – 14 inch versions, so youth and adults can use them (this adult has!). Like all gloves, it benefits from some breaking in (mainly by pitch and catch, and some bending, storing a ball inside when not using, as with any kind of glove). But it functions on day one really well.

We think we have the best testimonial ever for how well the Franklin glove works. We know of at least one young baseball player who got his Franklin “Field Master” glove just as practice was starting for the little league year. He was psyched. He had been reading Derek Jeter’s youth baseball novel that described the legend as a youngster prepping his glove by putting a ball in it and having an adult roll a car over it. That was a work of fiction, so “don’t try that at home.” I am not saying if that fictional story was replicated at this home… but let’s just say the Franklin glove proved very durable, and was very well broken in. (Other Franklin gloves in this home were broken in with more traditional means… wrapping a ball or two inside when the glove was not in use, and lots of pitch and catch… so dramatic methods, fictional or real, are not necessary). Anyway, he was psyched, and had his Franklin non-leather glove.

During the season, he pitched and played second and third base. At least one game ball he got during the year was for a game-saving snag of a line drive, caught in his vegetarian glove. Eventually, his team won the season championship all while sporting one of these very gloves. Of course, it is our little-leagueer and his team that deserve most credit. But, it means a great deal to us that he could perform at the top level in his league with a glove that testifies to both his morality and his ability.

So, yes, we highly recommend the Franklin Field Master baseball and softball glove!

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As an Amazon Affiliate this site earns from qualifying purchases. Our opinions are independent.

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