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All Things Vegetarian features and reviews all the best products for vegetarian living, from household goods to food to clothing and shoes to appliances and equipment and more. We are vegetarians ourselves, from vegetarian families, and we wanted to have a place where vegetarians could come to get everything they need in life, and know that everything they viewed, read about, or bought on the site is compatible with a vegetarian life. We hope you find the site useful, and enjoyable. Thanks!

We hope this place becomes a “go to” for you. That’s because, as vegetarians, we have long long loonnngg hoped for just such a place. As vegetarians in the food isle of the grocery store, we eventually find a few products we know are vegetarian… but still spend a lot of time checking ingredients and contacting companies to find out if their ingredients are vegetarian or not. And, then, when it comes time for clothing, we schlep from department stores to find “suitable” clothing. As usual, we have some known sources for good products, but, again we still spend time there checking materials in shoes, purses, wallets, and even patches and other materials on shirts, pants, dresses, and more. Beauty products? The same and then some. Drive, bus, bike or walk to endless boutiques, pharmacies, only to check endless ingredients lists and ask endless questions. And, when it comes to sports season… same thing. Sporting good stores, second hand stores, and round and round the “bases” every time a sport starts looking for gear that was good and suitable for vegetarians. We searched for years for good sports equipment. We eventually found some things… but it was really difficult.

Lots of stores, lots of questions, lots of ingredients lists.

EVERY vegetarian knows this process.

So, we asked, what if, instead, there was one place that had everything a vegetarian needed? Everything vegetarian, everything displayed in one place, without having to go anywhere else… food, equipment, clothing, appliances, shoes, purses, toys, sporting goods, beauty supplies… everything.

Just for ourselves, the idea of a one stop vegetarian hub was like music in our hearts! We would collect this site of vegetarian-suitable products just for us! But, truly, because we believe in being vegetarian, and because we know what is like being a vegetarian person or vegetarian family or vegetarian organization trying to find quality food and products …. we wanted to make this site for everyone.

We truly sincerely believe being vegetarian makes life and the world better. Being vegetarian first and foremost respects life. We believe that deeply. Life, that spark in living creatures, is truly precious. To live without killing animals is a good in itself. And, yes, vegetarianism (very much including veganism) is also good for health, the economy, the environment, and more. We are interested in anything we can do to help vegetarians and further vegetarianism. We very much hope this site is part of that process.

We already have great stuff here, and we will constantly be updating and adding to our site. So, check out our reviews and our featured products. EVERYTHING we list is vegetarian, and compatible with vegetarian living, and helps vegetarians live better.

To give you an idea of the variety in our site, here is a brief sampling of some of our products.

Here’s a treasure. Yea, there are fully vegetarian baseball gloves available in stores and on Amazon right now, and they are decent!!! Just to drive home how much variety is available to vegetarian athletes today…. this one is for young lefty vegetarians! But there are others on the site for young righties and for adults too. This Franklin glove is just one of the many vegetarian-suitable sporting goods items you will see on the site. We personally made sure we already have non-leather soccer balls and non-leather soccer cleats, non-leahter baseball gloves and non-leather baseball cleats, non-leather footballs and non-leather football cleats, and non-leather basketballs (even one that was slated to become the official ball of the NBA, and still is used by many college and pro teams). We even have non-leather ballet slippers used by a remarkable dancer in our family. We know how hard it used to be to get vegetarian friendly sports gear. It even stopped some families from engaging in sports. So, we wanted to address this in full circle. We are always adding more equipment, but we have already made sure every major sport is covered. So you and your family can say… Game On.

And, shoes… do we have shoes? Yea. We have shoes. Here’s just a few examples of fully non-leather women’s and men’s shoes for sports, high fashion, casual, and more.

We have far more shoes on the site beyond the above sampling already. It’s like “Veg in the City!” But above hopefully gives you a sense that there is no limit to shoes and footwear when it comes to being a vegetarian. Some of the most affordable, and some of the most high fashion items, are embracing the demand for quality animal friendly footwear. Now, you can find all you’d need in one place.

And, food? You bet, yes. And yes… we even have the stuff to cook your food in, from the best kitchen items, to grills!

We will be expanding our food selections a great deal as we go. But we already have some great selections that point to the ever increasing options available. The above listed Peak Refuel Three Bean Mac is vegan! There are a few kinds similar to this. When our kids had them, they gobbled them up… but not before pausing with a full on questioning look, to make sure it was vegetarian. There are “bac’n” and “chick’n” versions, and have such a hearty taste, they cause a pause. But only a brief one before they get consumed right up. This is just one of many food options becoming increasingly available to vegetarians. And, food types and food prep are unlimited. The All-Clad pot featured is a mighty addition to any vegetarian kitchen, and outdoor grills, including the Kamado Joe ceramic grill, even directly market to vegetarians today.

It should be pointed out that regarding food and everything we cover on the site, one of the great virtues of being vegetarian is that vegetarianism can be pursued healthily on far less money than non-vegetarian choices. We are ever mindful that not all people and families can afford high end items or convenience items. We get that (we’ve lived that!). We also recognize, though, that vegetarian people of every socio-economic background have use for, and demand for, all kinds of vegetarian products. So, sometimes we highlight distinctly affordable items, sometimes the very best high end items, sometimes practical items, and sometimes convenience items, and sometimes purely enjoyable and indulgent items. The one unifying theme is, All Things on this site….in ingredients, materials, and use… will be suitable for, and useful to, and meant to be enjoyed by Vegetarians.

Of course, above is just a brief introduction to our views and a brief sample of products we feature and review. We have many more products, and our list of featured vegetarian products and reviews is always growing. So, please, dive in to the site. Check out our reviews for our thoughts on the best vegetarian friendly products that make our lives better and easier, and check out our many featured products. They are curated and selected to make sure they are suitable for vegetarians (ingredients, materials, and purpose). You can learn, browse, and shop with convenience and ease, knowing you finally found a place that has All Things Vegetarian.

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